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So...uh...I did a thing. Hisa Reference by acidrica I'm alive, I swear.
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Hisa Reference by acidrica
Hisa Reference
Name: Hisa
Height: 5 feet 5 inches in human form.
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Town: Mellekori Island
Personality: Hisa isn't human. She's a fox spirit that possessed a human body that was conveniently going through a near-death experience after a car-wreck...truthfully she possessed the body because she had a grudge against the human's family, just to give you an idea what kind of a person Hisa is. She thinks very highly of herself, and is...morally grey to say the least. She tends to 'befriend' people, only so she can ask for favors from them later on, or use them. Even so, she does feel quite 'protective' of her 'friends', for unclear reasons. She's fairly flamboyant in her manner of speech and actions. She does a lot of things because she thinks that humans think it's cool. Like wearing a trench coat or keeping her hair dyed.
Is there anything you feel very STRONGLY that your character NOT be drawn doing?: Falling in love with someone else. She can be shown to kiss someone or something (in fact, she's apt to attempt seduction), but it won't be love.

UPDATED 1/3/2015

DOWNLOAD for fullview.

Texture found here:

(OUTDATED) Interaction Object Info
Object type: Engraved Flip Open Lighter
Object size: Normal lighter size.
Object location: Unknown (you can find it where you want).
Preferences: I'd like her to at least meet the person who finds it, regardless of if they give it back. (Warning, she -will- want it back, and may do dastardly things to get it back. :x)
Features: You use it like a normal lighter, though it has a strong magical aura due to Hisa's constant use of her fire powers around it. Even a normal person will get a tingling sensation upon touching it. It never runs out of lighter fluid.
Found by: None!


United States
So...uh...I did a thing. Hisa Reference by acidrica I'm alive, I swear.
  • Mood: Speechless

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